Jun 28

CloseBot’s Affiliate Program

Did you know you could make thousands of dollars every month without building your own software?  Even without building your own business… Take the opportunity to earn long lasting residual income by becoming a CloseBot Affiliate Promoter.

There is no question that CloseBot is a platform that values community collaboration. One of the ways we pour back into the community is offering affiliate pay for referring members of your community to CloseBot. All you have to do is share your custom promo code, or unique affiliate link with your community, and earn earn 20% for the lifetime of their subscription when the new user subscribes with your link or promo code. That’s free money!

Want to become an affilliate, but not currently subscribed to CloseBot? No problem! You are not required to be a CloseBot user to benefit from the affiliate program.
Sign up to become a CloseBot affiliate HERE!
If you’re already a CloseBot Super fan, you can also sign up with the Promoters link on the lefthand side after you login.
You may already know all of this, in which case you’re likely already a CloseBot promoter, but I guarantee you don’t know the tips and tricks of being a promoter like our current top promoters. If you want to learn about how to use your audience (or create a new audience) to generate huge, lasting residual income, check out the replay of our webinar linked below, Becoming a 6 figure affiliate.