Jun 14
free ai booking

Free AI Booking is Here

Free AI Booking solves the problem all business owners face of not enough time to do it all.  Tell me if you can resonate with this… your clients complain because they have no leads.   You focus on getting them leads.  Then they complain about not having enough time to fulfill these leads that they get booked to appointments.  You focus on fulfillment.  Then they teeter back and forth as their focus shifts from new leads, back to fulfillment.  This is the business trap and there’s a way to get out of it.

Free AI Booking – What is It?

Even at our company we struggled in the beginning to find a balance between filling our calendar with appointments and having the time to actually attend those appointments to close deals.  This was in the early days when our product was purely about lead qualification and didn’t have free AI booking yet.  Now we just have to focus our efforts on driving traffic to landing pages and phone numbers and our AI handles everything from qualifying the lead to booking an appointment based on our ever-changing availability.  We have freed up so much time that it has allowed us to focus efforts on business growth instead of turning the hamster wheel.

How much do you think your clients would pay for this same freedom?  Or if you’re a business owner yourself, how much would this be worth to you?

How Can it Be Free?

There always seems to be a catch when you see that a product is free.  That’s not the case here.  You can get access to our expert-level AI for free and you just have to pay for usage at $0.04/message.  This cost is about equal to the wholesale cost of what it costs us to operate your AI for you on the back end.  We are happy to provide this to you because we believe as many people should have access to the freedom that free AI booking can bring as possible.

What Can I Expect in Usage Costs?

Usage costs depend on the traffic that you expect to your free AI booking assistant.  However, since the free plan is limited to 500 AI messages per month, you’ll never spend more than $20/month in usage on the free plan.  On average, we find that leads send an average of 5 messages to the AI before they either book an appointment or drop off.  That means that the $20 you pay will cover an average of 100 customer conversations 🤩

How Does it Work?

With your existing compatible software (GoHighLevel is the most common), you will place a live web chat on your home page.  You will then follow our 3 minute setup instructions to get your CloseBot integrated.  Customize your bot with up to 3 objectives, making sure you include a booking objective.  Your bot’s ability to convince people to book an appointment is limited purely on the quality of leads that you’re driving to your website.  You can rest easy knowing the AI part is covered!

free booking ai testimonials

free booking ai testimonials

Want to see how easy it is to build a bot with our free account?

Check out the video below to learn how to build a powerful appointment booking bot in 30 minutes!


We just touched the surface of how powerful your next lead bot can be for your business.  This Free Tier account allows anyone to harness the power of expert-level AI.  Don’t let bad AI drive your business into the ground… sign up today!