May 23
lead bot with objectives

Lead Bot Using Objectives vs. Pure AI

What are Objectives with a Lead Bot?

A lead bot is an AI assistant that plug directly into your existing systems to qualify leads and book appointments directly to your calendar while you sleep!  CloseBot allows you to build lead bots with objectives, which is a groundbreaking new way to build AI assistants.  Especially if you’ve tried other AI products without success, CloseBot can help.

So what do we mean when we reference objectivesTake a look at this example that shows how one might build an AI assistant without a system like CloseBot that leverages objectives.  You may be familiar with prompting like this if you’ve attempted to build your own AI assistant with tools like Zapier.  When you build your own AI like this, you load all of the instructions into the AI prompt and you cross your fingers 🤞

Now compare that to how CloseBot works.  CloseBot will change the instruction sent to your lead bot for you based on the information it has already collected and the current objective that it’s working on.  You can see how the instructions with objectives would be easier to follow and allow less room for error.  Short sets of instructions are not only cheaper, they produce better AI responses.  You’ll notice we even do work when pulling in your calendar availability to shorten the availability instruction as much as possible.


lead bot with objectives example


Why a Lead Bot with Objectives Wins

Most CloseBot users have come to us after having poor experiences with AI products that do not use objectives.  These assistants without objectives tend to do thing like going off the rails (spouting nonsense) because they are packed with a long list of demands in a single prompt.  These assistants have less than a 70% booking accuracy rate because they have to remember all of the instructions on top of reviewing a long list of available slots.  They tend to forget things they’ve already done and they are more likely to lie (hallucinate).

If you’ve experienced any of those issues, you’re definitely not alone.  CloseBot manages tens of thousands of messages daily for users who felt the same as you.


Our Objective Builder

CloseBot is the only product of its kind that allows you to build lead qualification bots with objectives and doesn’t require you to be a prompt expert.  Building a bot is as simple as filling out some fields, adding objectives, and clicking GO! For example, this bot will get a contact’s name then CRM, email and industry before moving on to conversationally gathering the contact timezone and booking an appointment.  After a successful booking it will proceed to gather their phone number.  Imagine having an AI assistant that can gather this much different information, updating your contact details in your database, and booking them to a real calendar based on your real availability 🤯 yes… this is real life.

ai objective flow


A Step Further

Some people hesitate to use an objective builder like this because they fear it will make the conversation feel “forced”.  However, CloseBot has some clever tools that make these conversations the most realistic conversations you’ll ever have with a lead bot.

Multi Objective Completion

Set to ON by default, you can have your AI complete multiple objectives in one message.  Here’s what that looks like:

This bot is using the same set of objectives as we displayed above, starting by trying to get the contact’s name.  After it got Leo’s name, it moved on to the next objective… but it realized Leo already told it the industry he works in earlier, so it also completed that objective.  It then moved on to try to get the CRM (database software) that Leo uses.  Not only can it gather this information for you in the chat, it can also update your own database with the information it gathers at each of these stages.  In this case, it updated Leo’s name, the software he uses and the industry he works in based on the options we had available.

Message Breakups and Typos

Just like with ChatGPT, most lead bots respond once for each message received.  CloseBot is able to handle multiple back to back incoming messages, processing them together andit can break up its responses into multiple messages to seem more lifelike.  Here’s an example of how this looks.


We just touched the surface of how powerful your next lead bot can be for your business.  Luckily for you, CloseBot offers a free trial without the need for a credit card.  This way you can test the power for yourself!  Don’t let bad AI drive your business into the ground… sign up today!