May 21

Real Wave AI

About the Preferred Partner

Real Wave AI is a premier AI solutions provider, specializing in innovative marketing solutions that enhance business efficiency and customer engagement. We are committed to delivering top-notch AI technologies for transformative business growth at any scale.

Services & Support

We offer a cutting-edge suite of AI-powered solutions with wealth of Real Estate, Tech, Services, and Finance experience. No project is too complex to become reality with our team of AI tech gurus coupled with an innovative approach.

Our flagship services include:

  • Cold Reach Out Campaigns: Automate client outreach efficiently.
  • Database Reactivation: Convert dormant leads into active customers.
  • Website Bots: Enhance customer service with intelligent chatbots.
  • Lead Qualification: Identify and focus on high-potential prospects.
  • AI Follow-Up: Ensure timely follow-ups with potential clients.
  • Social Media Lead Converter: Convert social media interactions into sales.
  • Custom Connectors for Real Estate / IDX and any enterprise data source
  • Real Wave Tools: We offer full implementation support, ensuring seamless integration with CloseBot. Our team provides end-to-end services, from setup and customization to training and ongoing maintenance.

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