May 06

Viking Marketing

About the Preferred Partner

Viking Marketing is at the forefront of digital transformation, offering advanced solutions that redefine efficiency for businesses. We specialize in workflow automation and custom CRM systems tailored to streamline your operations. Our expertise extends to deploying conversational AI that revolutionizes selling, alongside robust database reactivation campaigns and automated lead nurture processes designed to maximize business performance. Our AI Sales Assistant efficiently qualifies inbound leads and schedules appointments, enhancing conversion rates. With Viking Marketing, transform your customer interactions and operational efficiency, and catapult your business towards substantial growth.

Services & Support

  • Premium CloseBot Construction: We handle the creation, testing, and tuning of your CloseBot based on your specific needs. (Done for you)
  • Custom CloseBot Creation & Training: Personalized Zoom sessions to build and train your unique CloseBot, with follow-up support. (Done with you)
  • Troubleshooting: Fast troubleshooting to minimize downtime and maintain bot performance.
  • Advanced GHL Solutions: Comprehensive support for CloseBot integrations, workflow automation and full CRM buildouts
  • Enhanced Prompt Optimization: Improve user interactions with advanced prompt optimization techniques.

Contact Information