May 02
GoHighLevel Conversation AI

GoHighLevel Conversation AI vs. CloseBot

GoHighLevel Conversation AI Overview

GoHighLevel is an amazing platform that allows you to have a high level of control over your contact automations.  If you can dream it, you can do it with GoHighLevel.  They even have their own built in GoHighLevel Conversation AI.  This AI is reasonably priced, coming included with their $497 and $297 plans.  They charge you $0.02/message for GPT-3.5 Turbo usage and you can re-bill this to your customer with markup included.  You can train this AI on your website, FAQs and can have it operate in Q&A mode alone or have it set up to book appointments for you… this is all great stuff!

AI Quality

When you decide to use AI to communicate with your customers, the quality can make or cost you large sums of money.  If you’re letting your customers know they are speaking with a very limited AI for Q&A purposes only, OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model that HighLevel uses may suffice.  With relatively high reliability, it will be able to pull information from your knowledge base and answer questions.  It can even book appointments to your calendar with decent accuracy as long as the contact doesn’t throw out any curve balls.  However, GPT-3.5 Turbo is notoriously bad at staying on task (going rogue).

On the other hand, GPT-4 Turbo retains instruction much more reliably and is able to find relevant information in your knowledge storage much more accurately.  Responses from GPT-4 Turbo are going to feel much more relatable because they mimic human tone better.  It’s going to be less likely to make up information (hallucinate) and will be able to book appointments with much higher accuracy.  GPT-4 Turbo is so much better than GPT-3.5 Turbo for chat applications, that CloseBot doesn’t even allow the usage of GPT-3.5 turbo.  In fact, starting this week CloseBot will also be using Claude’s Sonnet model as a backup if OpenAI is ever experiencing downtime.  While GoHighLevel is locked into OpenAI and their uptime schedule, CloseBot users will experience much higher quality responses and much higher uptime.


Quality is important, but we know the bottom line is also something in the back of your mind.  What’s the cost of giving up GoHighLevel conversation AI to go with CloseBot?  Here we see the measurable costs.  Since you already have a GoHighLevel account, adding their conversation AI will not cost you anything additionally per month while CloseBot will vary from $39/month to $199/month depending on your needs.  The interesting thing with CloseBot is you can use your own OpenAI and Anthropic API keys on the top two account tiers.  This will drop the average cost per message to $0.012/message.  This is 60% the cost of GoHighLevel’s cost per message 😳 I mentioned above that you can re-bill GoHighLevel usage.  You can easily accomplish the same thing with CloseBot by having your client get their own OpenAI API key that you can use for their bot so they are charged $0.012/message and you aren’t charged a dime.

gohighlevel conversation ai cost

There’s another end of the price conversation that’s more difficult to measure, but still worth discussing.  What’s the price of lost business from AI mistakes?  You’ll have to decide the cost of each of these items to you and your business, but they shouldn’t be ignored.  This is where CloseBot really starts to pull away…

Able to Shut Off if Aggression is Detected

There may be scenarios where a contact gets upset with your AI.  This happens even with real humans.  With HighLevel, you may not notice until it’s too late.  You may log in one morning to find that your AI had a 12 hour conversation with a contact that was becoming more and more angry… until you lost them as a customer.  With CloseBot we have a feature you can turn on that turns your bot off and tags your contact ai – aggression detected if the contact starts becoming aggressive with their speech.  You can use this to trigger a notification for you to come in and remedy the situation before you lose the client!

Low Downtime with Fallbacks in Place

We touched on CloseBot having a fallback model (Anthropic’s Claude), but we also have a fallback if you’re using your own OpenAI API key to save money.  Not only will CloseBot change models if OpenAI is experiencing downtime, it will also change over to using CloseBot credits if your OpenAI API key fails for any other reason (lack of funds, rate limiting, etc.). The whole point of using AI is being able to rest easy knowing that your customers are taken care of.  We don’t want downtime to take your AI out of commission… ever.

Safeguards to Handle Booking Errors

Not only is CloseBot the best AI for conversational booking, it also includes safeguards if it detects something funny is happening with your calendar integration.  If it’s trying to book an appointment and not finding any availability, it will add the tag ai – booking error to your contact.  You can use this to trigger a bot shut off so you can step in, or any other automation you want!  Compare that to GoHighLevel conversation AI where the AI will go round and round forever suggesting times, then immediately saying they are no longer available.  Embarrassing!

Human-Like Message Handling

Not all products go through the same work CloseBot does after the AI has determined a response to make sure it’s delivered to the contact in a human-like way.  GoHighLevel conversation AI, for example, sends the message the AI comes up with straight to the contact right away.  Even if the contact sends back to back messages, GoHighLevel AI will send back to back messages right back to the contact.  CloseBot handles back to back responses, processing them together.  It goes a step further and can break larger messages up into smaller chunks to send those larger messages as multiple like a human would or throw in the occasional typo!


All of these areas have a cost that’s hard to measure.  It’s the cost of losing customers because of your AI quality and it should not be ignored.

CloseBot Objectives vs. GoHighLevel’s Trained Bot Responses

GoHighLevel conversation AI has Bot Training where you can train it on some conversation topics that it can/should cover.  CloseBot takes that a step further by allowing you to prioritize and order these objectives, allowing you to pre-qualify a lead before booking an appointment for example.  These objectives can be linked to any custom field so the AI can even update your fields as it’s accomplishing your objectives!  This is unique to CloseBot and we’ve NAILED it.





Dedicated Live Chat Support

AI is misunderstood, and can be confusing for people to work with.  We are proud of being a low/no prompt bot builder, but you may still find yourself needing help.  Our live HUMAN chat support is trained specifically on AI, so you’re going to find a lot more success with our support than you would with GoHighLevel who isn’t specifically an AI product.  If zoom calls are more your style, we also have several office hours calls every week you can join to ask questions and share your screen 😊

If you’re in the air about using CloseBot or something else, remember we have a 100% free trial available where you can plug CloseBot in to your GoHighLevel account.  No credit card needed, no obligation.  Try it out and you’ll see the CloseBot difference!