Apr 25
lead qualification bot

Lead Qualification Bot of the Future

The Problem Today

Imagine a world where your customers can interact with you without you… Let me say that a different way.  Imagine a world where your customers can get instant answers that they usually had to contact you for by accessing your lead qualification bot.  At this point, you’ve likely had some experience with AI bot products for your own business or when interacting with other businesses.  You may have been let down by those experiences.  Many people feel that way at this stage in the Gartner Hype Cycle.  The media has inflated what AI is capable of and you’ve bought into some of these promises, only to be let down when you realize its limitations.  You were excited, but now you’re feeling worse off than before.

Why CloseBot is the Future

AI isn’t as smart as you think it is.  So when you give it a large set of instructions and then set it loose in the real world, it tends to flop.  This is where CloseBot comes in.  CloseBot is the only product that allows you to build expert level bots without being a code expert or master prompter.  With CloseBot, the instructions sent to your AI are dynamic.  They change based on how the conversation is going.  This reduces the size of instruction that the AI has to remember and drastically improves the results.  No matter how good AI gets, it will not soon be good enough to keep a huge list of instructions in its memory and still be dependable.  After all, even people prefer sets of instructions broken down!



What’s Changing

We are actively building the next generation of our popular lead qualification bot, emphasizing what we already do best.  While some other products are focused on putting bandaids on some of the issues we mentioned, CloseBot is putting most of its effort into a major update that will reshape the industry of lead qualification bots.  We can’t share all of our future secrets with you yet, but here are some areas to pay attention to:


Bot Logic

Currently bots built with CloseBot can handoff to other bots mid-conversation, but we rely on GoHighLevel (or other CRM) workflows to make that handover happen.  This can be complicated for users to implement.  The product we are building will make it much easier to change course in your bot instruction if certain things happen with an improved drag and drop bot builder.


bot builder logic flow

bot builder logic flow

Additional Actions

Imagine you want a bot that can collect information, like an address, and then use that information collected to do something like get the property market value given that address.  This is possible with CloseBot now, but requires that you execute the search within your CRM automations.  This is more difficult to implement.  The next generation CloseBot product will have different types of actions that integrate with things like property data, external calendars, stripe for payments, and much more!



Smart Follow Ups

Even with the perfect lead qualification bot, it’s rare to convert a new lead to a paying customer right away.  Oftentimes, people will say they would like a follow up in a certain amount of time.  The current way to do this is very manual.  You would have to use logic to try to place the contact on a follow up drip sequence accordingly within your CRM of choice.  With our revamped product, your AI will be able to schedule a follow up automatically, carrying on the conversations where it left off.


ai follow ups

ai follow ups


Protect Your Business

If you’ve worked on implementing lead qualification bots into your business, you understand how important safety measures are.  If a contact becomes upset, if a contact is confusing your bot, if it’s just a spammer on the other end… All of these scenarios spell trouble for your business if you allow your AI to engage with that person.  Our current version has an aggression detectionfeature that you can use to turn the bot off if it detects aggression, but our next version will have much more!


ai protection

ai protection

Less Reliant on Single LLM

CloseBot currently works off of OpenAI as its foundation, but is close to releasing an update that will allow Anthropic as an option as well!  As technology continues to develop, we are making sure that we are not reliant on a single source.  In fact, we are building the next version so you will be able to select fall-back models that will be used in case your model of choice is experiencing downtime.



Why this Matters Now

When you’re picking a tool to use for your lead qualification bot, it matters what that bot can do today and what that company is putting into research and development.  A huge portion of CloseBot time, energy and resources are being invested into the future of our lead qualification bot builder.  Lead qualification AI is all we do, and we do it well.  Commit to a tool that’s committed to the future and not a tool that’s looking for a get-rich-quick add-on service.

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