Mar 14

Using AI for Appointment Booking

The Solution to Your Dropped Leads – Using AI for Appointment Booking

If you’re like any growing business, the point that starts to hold you back from growth is your ability to scale people. Does this sound like you? You’ve poured into your business. You’re generating more leads every day… but then you or your team fail to get to them quickly enough to get them on your calendar… and they vanish 👻. There’s a better way and it’s likely something you’ve considered before. AI can now engage those leads with an average response time as fast as 20 seconds, and best of all using AI for appointment booking can happen while you sleep!

Why Conversational Booking Beats Link Sharing

Using AI for appointment booking conversationally has several advantages. People like to feel important. Nothing shouts “You’re just another number” like receiving a booking link as soon as you reach out for help. AI can take the time to address questions your leads have and even do initial qualifications to make it feel to them like they matter. Even if they are interacting with an AI, people want to feel heard. It’s more and more apparent that people want someone to listen (human or non-human) as we start to see more and more articles like this pop up (reviewing AI girlfriends/boyfriends).

Doing the booking conversationally also means the contact is starting with a personal relationship with you before the appointment even starts. They are more likely to show up if they feel like someone is depending on them. If they’ve built some rapport with your AI or if they’ve been qualified as a worthwhile lead by your AI, they will be more likely to show up for the booked appointment. It’s much harder to no-show if you feel like you’ll be letting someone down.

AI for Appointment Booking

AI for Appointment Booking with Timezone

Your Staff Will Thank

AI doesn’t have to be a human replacer. Think of it as a human enhancer! Wouldn’t your staff be happier if they could spend less time on the phone and more time working with clients who need your help? I think so! At CloseBot we are seeing a whopping 80% success rate with our web chat conversational booking. 80% of all people who message the chat end up booking an appointment. The best part is, that the AI is conversationally gathering and updating our CRM with the contact name, email, phone number and industry type for all of these bookings. No extra time is involved and our database fills up with leads who are excited to talk to us.

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