Mar 13

I Need Leads LTD

About the Preferred Partner

I Need Leads LTD is part of The I Need Group offers a full all-in-one package for marketing in most business sectors. With a plug-and-play option providing video, graphics, CRM and AI tech to the lead gen and marketing space.

Services & Support

  • Whitelabel Setup, Branding and Sales Coaching: Getting the most out of the white label options and how to sell on a higher value ticket.
  • Google PPC, Funnels and Branding: We work with new business startups and do rebranding for businesses. (We have everything from blue-chip finance to 2-man home improvement brands.)
  • All-in-One Marketing Service: Landing pages, ad creative, ad copy, tracking and deployment, all with AI and CRM automation implemented for maximum profitability month-to-month campaigns.
  • CloseBot Setup/Bespoke CRM Setup and Prompting: Specialize in the home services, renewables, finance and property investment sectors.

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