Mar 08

ChatBot Built With Zapier – What You Should Know Before You Build

You may be thinking… why not use Zapier or Make or Pabbly to do your own integration to automate customer conversations. Check out some of these things that are simple to do with the CloseBot plug-in that are a nightmare to set up with automation builders and workflows.


πŸ† Conversational Updating of Any Custom Field and Pipelines

Want to gather customer information throughout the conversation and update fields in your CRM? Easy with CloseBot! You can connect objectives straight to fields so the AI will update them with information as it works through the conversation. Easily make it so these field updates move your pipeline along as well


Example: You want to collect a lead’s timeline on when they want to sell their home and update a custom field you have with the range in months when they are planning on selling.


πŸ—“οΈ Conversational Appointment Booking Accounting for Timezones

It can be a nightmare booking appointments and in some industries leads vanish when you send them a booking link. With CloseBot conversational booking based on your calendar availability is super easy! And if your leads come from different regions, you can add a special timezone objective before your calendar booking objective to update the contact’s timezone before conversational appointment booking


πŸ“š Connecting to External Knowledge/Scraped Websites

A lot of bot products have a giant prompt area where you instruct the AI, put in your FAQs, etc. CloseBot allows you to upload up to 1GB of external knowledge in the form of scraped websites, PDFs, CSVs and other text files for the bot to utilize only when it’s needed. Reduce the chance of your bot getting confused or costing an arm and a leg by using our uploads on all accounts!


😑 Aggression Detection

Sometimes you likely deal with contacts that show signs of aggression during the conversation (cold outreach especially)… With this setting, you can make sure the bot auto-disengages if a contact starts getting unruly!


πŸ”€ Easily Change Objective Flow and Settings

If you have your system tied into Zaps and workflows it can be a nightmare to unravel the logic to make updates (trust me there will be updates you want to make). CloseBot’s builder handles all of the complicated stuff behind the scenes so you can focus more on managing your own business instead of trying to become an AI developer.


πŸ’¬ Back-to-Back Message Nightmare

People like to send messages back-to-back and when they do that you’ll see your AI responding in an embarrassing back-to-back manner as well πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ CloseBot has a system of contact-based deduplication and message locking to protect against this! When back-to-back messages come in, CloseBot will respond once to both messages more like a real person.


πŸ’° Scaling Becomes Expensive

I’ve encountered people spending over $500/month with Zapier to run all of the actions required to run their AI 😳 This is more expensive than the most expensive CloseBot unlimited plan AND you still have to build and maintain it yourself… ouch.


πŸ’” OpenAI Downtime

OpenAI goes down sometimes and the Zapier or workflow exponential back-off may exit before it’s back online, meaning your messages go unprocessed. CloseBot has a longer incremental retry time and will even fall back to a different available model if needed to get your message through! Rest assured we take deliverability very seriously.


πŸ“ˆ Dashboard Analytics

With CloseBot’s dashboard, you can see important information like the number of contact responses and the number of unique contacts. This means you can see how different bots drive different response rates and easily monitor your messaging costs. Search for messages in the message history per bot and click any bot message to see the entire prompt chain used to generate the bot responses.