Feb 21

AI Lead Qualification ChatBot – Most Reliable is CloseBot

AI Lead Qualification ChatBot – Most Reliable is CloseBot

When you’re using AI Lead Qualification Chatbot on the frontline of your business It is essential that your conversations run smoothly have predictable bot responses that don’t go rogue. It is frustrating when you’re a business owner and your AI chatbot makes a promise you can’t keep, or embarrasses your company. We want the most reliable and controllable system possible and that’s what you get with CloseBot.

Most AI Bot Companies require you to be a prompting expert and require you to train your bot with one huge prompt. This doesn’t work very well and is giving responses that can be humiliating to business owners.

CloseBot is the only AI Lead Qualification Bot that does the prompting for you.

CloseBot is the ONLY AI Lead Qualification company with a unique objective builder that is set up so you don’t have to be a prompt expert. You just tell it 1) about your business 2) why the conversation is happening 3) set up the stages of objectives, and then CloseBot does the prompting for you.

Not only that, but…

The prompting changes dynamically every time a new message comes in. CloseBot automatically builds a custom prompt specifically for each message. Then it sends that smaller prompt to Open AI to generate a response. It handles all kinds of things by itself giving a humanlike response. That will truly allow you to trust in AI to take lead qualification off your plate.

Having small prompts for AI Lead Qualification Bot is important for having the best quality conversation.

Think of it like this:

You ask a person to identify a sound they hear and they have to respond with only one of 2 options: either horse hooves, or car engine.

If those are your only 2 options, it should be pretty easy to come up with the correct answer.

But rather, if you were to give a whole book of options: horse, cow, zebra, deer, moose, elk, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota…

It would be much harder for the person to come up with the correct answer every time.

Prompting for AI behaves the same way.

If you give AI too much information in a prompt, it will be more easily confused and less likely to give the correct response.

By the time CloseBot’s message gets to Open AI for them to come up with a response with their language learning models, it’s such a small set of instructions that Open AI has to go on. Instead of, like other products, sending a huge book’s worth of information and then just crossing your fingers hoping for the best. This is why CloseBot’s dynamic prompting results in such a better outcome than alternative methods used by other companies.

CloseBot is by far the most controllable AI Lead qualification bot.

Don’t just take our word for it, sign up here for a free trial to find out for yourself.